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You have a question about ExtStore product, but don’t know what to do? No need to worry! With smooth support process, you can find the best answer quickly and easily.

While waiting for next changes of ExtStore services in the coming year, you can browse through the following Infographic. Hope you could find useful information and know how the process works.

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One more year passed away and we’re so happy to say that we had an incredible time in the past 12 months. 2014 was obviously one of our most energetic years since we had taken a big step forward with dozens of new products and related services. Now we should spend a little time to look back what we have done together in the past 365 days.


36 Joomla extensions and constant updates

We welcomed 2014 Advanced Portfolio Pro – a powerful component with strong gallery supports. After that, it is followed by 3 more commercial products during the year.

  • 11 Joomla components: Downloads Pro and Advanced Poll appeared as great options for your Joomla sites. Especially Media Store became the favorite choice among ExtStore fans because of unique and amazing features.
  • 10 Joomla modules: Our modules brought the neat Accordion menu to business websites based on Virtuemart, HikaShop and Joomla content categories. Furthermore, we made a cool approach on the popular social networking sites with free modules for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • 15 Joomla plugins: Most of them are free. These lightweight but useful tools have been adored and chosen by many Joomla users.

And of course, everyone who owns previous products also felt pleased with constant updates and new features from ExtStore Team.

Related activities

Along with Joomla products, we subsequently offered more extra supports for clients. Here are the most noticeable remarks in 2014:

  • New Demo: Being built on materials of three former demo sites, new Joomla 3 demo allows users to experience all product features in the finest way.
  • Documentation and Blog: All the products are accompanied with full documentation. Blog posts are also regularly published to provide users with useful tips or latest updates.
  • We keep the tight connection with dear customers via: Support Ticket, Live Chat, social networking sites and emails.
  • Many promotion campaigns had launched during the year, especially Thanksgiving Customer Survey and Mega Sale events.

What’s next in 2015?

  • New logo & website design is an interesting improvement of ExtStore, bringing new UX experience to customers.
  • More new products, promotion deals and extra services.
  • Smoother customer service workflow.

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Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year!

As a professional Joomla extension provider, ExtStore has developed many popular components such as Advanced Portfolio Pro, Advanced Poll and Media Store. Now, Christmas party is so close to us, ExtStore is super exciting to introduce the biggest sale promotion of the year – Mega Sale X’mas 2014. From 23 December 2014 to 3 January 2015 12:00 (GMT), enter EXMAS20 during checkout to get 20% off your purchase on ExtStore (the coupon is not available for Mega Bundles).

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Holiday spirit is spreading in the air. What have you done to prepare for this Christmas? Are you buying present wrappers or reading the Yule Log recipe? Well, just stop thinking about red-and-green ornaments in some minutes and check our list. Perhaps you can find a great item for your Joomla house here.


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You want to build a Joomla website in less than 30 mins? You are not a Joomla expert in coding? Well, you’re reading the right article. Today, we’re going to show you an infographic about JSN PageBuilder – a JoomlaShine’s new extension that is expected to be the perfect tool to build and manage content of Joomla 3.x websites.

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We would like to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our customer survey. During 5 days, thousands of surveys were completed, ending in a surprisingly favorable result – more than 90% of participants feel satisfied with ExtStore products. We are extremely overwhelmed and pleased with the zeal for us. We will wholeheartedly take your suggestions into consideration and use your valuable feedback to improve our products and services in the coming time.

To thank you for supporting us through the years, all survey-takers were entered into a contest to win a free ExtStore extension. Today, we would like to announce 10 lucky winners and their prizes:

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It’s already winter time, and we would like to wish you the best for the end of this year. We also want to thank you for a great year, for your support and the trust you put in our products. In order to present our gratitude, ExtStore is conducting a brief survey on Thanksgiving. The deadline of survey and promotion is December 1st 12:00 (GMT) 2014. Join in today to get cool rewards!

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In recent years, Joomla has grown increasingly popular among users of government websites. Although there are some minor drawbacks, Joomla is still considered perfect for government websites because it meets most of stable web standards, needs little product development and is totally friendly with average users. Most importantly, users can build a government website with no or extremely low budget. Today, we are going to show off a diverse list of free Joomla extensions for that purpose. The list is limited by 10 but you can add your own favorite tools in our comment area.

Maxi Menu CK

Developer: Cédric KEIFLIN

Compatibility: Joomla 1.5/2.5/3.x

Example: http://www.narromine.nsw.gov.au/


A handy menu is something that every website would really like to have and Maxi Menu CK is that handy one. The extension uses jQuery/Mootools effects, allows you to load modules in menus and supports e-commerce extensions like Virtuemart and Hikashop. Maxi Menu CK is also SEO-friendly and responsive.

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Finally, Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.0.0 was launched, becoming by far the most upgraded version. This version is highly expected to meet your needs of a stunning responsive portfolio, a must-have yet versatile gallery extension for Joomla users. Before checking out the demo, it is worthy to have a quick glance at some of the most striking features.

Grid View in the module

A Grid portfolio shown across dynamic positions is a phenomenal idea for your website. From the design perspective, the story is not just about the multiple modules in many positions. As modules can be easily moved around, Grid portfolio module is a flexible approach to be loaded in Joomla articles and one-page websites.


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This June, ExtStore released Mood Poll that featured funny emoticons with tagline: How do you feel today? – a common question in your daily conversations with friends, colleagues and family members. So, have you ever asked your customers ‘how they feel today’? This idea may sound novel for some people but it is, in fact, very interesting and practical. Let’s take a quick glance at Mood Poll features to see why I say this!

Unlimited moods and corresponding images

Mood Poll allows users to add as many moods as possible. Each mood is presented by one (emoticon) image. Imagine how interesting when you look at a long list of funny icons?


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