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5 quick tips Facebook

Are you spending a lot of your time posting on your Facebook business pages? Are you spending a lot of your money on Facebook ads? Well, if your efforts haven’t yielded desired results yet, you can try the following 5 simple tips.

Use #hashtags in posts

You might usually use hashtags on Twitter but forget about this feature on Facebook. Every hashtag on Facebook has its own unique URL, allowing users to search for specific hashtag from the search bar or see your posts on the hashtag feed. Let’s think about your industry and target market then choose tags in trending topics related to your industry. However, 1 or 3 hashtags is than enough. Using more could seriously hurt your brand.

Share Facebook pictures on your website

Instead of sharing links, pictures of your website on Facebook, why don’t we do the opposite? For many customers who are curious about others’ reviews, this method is much more convincing than testimonials.

Optimize Social Media Tags for Facebook

By optimizing your posts with social media tags, your posts will be more likely to be found in search results, which can improve your engagement. The four required properties for every page are title, type of object, image and canonical URL. The tags will define what text appears in the image, title and description codes. You also need to notice that Facebook requires a thumbnail image size of at least 200 x 200 pixels. To see how well your posts are optimized for Facebook, check out http://smo.knowem.com/.

Don’t use URL shorteners

A recent study found that engagement rates were three times higher for Facebook posts that use a full-length URL rather than a link generated by a URL shortener like bit.ly. A shortened URL does not indicate what type of website, making users feel much unsafe. If you worry about post length, use a brand-specific URL that lets users know you’re taking them to your website.

What you should write in posts?

Leveraging available data in your Facebook posts can drastically increase your traffic. For example, some of most sharable title words are “why”, “most”, “how”, “best”. Also, posts with less than 80 characters get more interaction and using emoticons increases your comments by 33%. Clearly, to Facebook users, post content is equally important as an attractive image.

What are your interesting tips? Share with us!



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